“Bachelor of Accounting, What’s Next?”

ACCOUNTING HIMA GATHERING 2021 is an annual event held by ASA of Prasetiya Mulya University, where accounting student organizations from many universities in Indonesia come together to discuss accounting-related problems faced in today’s world. This year, the event was held on April 17th, 2021, with the theme “Bachelor of Accounting, What’s Next?” and was conducted online through Zoom, attended by 20 universities from various regions across Indonesia. ACCOUNTING HIMA GATHERING 2021 was split into two series of events: webinar and sharing session between the accounting student organizations.

The event started with the opening remarks from the MCs, Vivian Chou and Carissa Caroline, then continued with the introduction of the speakers and topics that would be discussed during the webinar. The webinar was conducted with 3 amazing guest speakers: Aditiyo Indrasanto S.E., M.M (Founder of Sekolah Karir), Nurharyanto AK., MM., CRMP., CFRA., CA. (Director of Lembaga Pengembangan Fraud Auditing), and David Pratama Hartono S.E., M.M., ACPA, BKP (Senior Business Tax Advisory at One of The Big 4 & Economics Lecturer), and was moderated by Matthew Giovanni, who also serves as the Vice President of ASA Prasetiya Mulya University. 

The second series of events is sharing session. The delegation of each accounting student organizations is divided into breakout rooms, where they would be sharing their stories and experiences as a part of an accounting organization in the midst of the pandemic. It was then continued with a mini-game session, “Whisper Challenge”. Then, all participants gathered to the main room for the announcement of the first and second winners of the mini-game.

ACCOUNTING HIMA GATHERING 2021 aims to strengthen the relationship between each accounting student association participating in the event. Hopefully, this event can be a positive learning experience, which brings new insights, so that the participants can learn from each other and develop their respective accounting student associations. Lastly, we would like to thank all the speakers and participants, and see you at ACCOUNTING HIMA GATHERING 2022!