ABOUND 2021: ‘Society: Socialize and Start Your Journey’

ABOUND is an annual event held to welcome the new batch of accounting students. The pandemic is still ongoing now, but this has not become a barrier for the S1 Accounting study program at Prasetiya Mulya University to welcome the new family of S1 Accounting batch 2021. Like the previous year, this year ABOUND was also held online, on September 6, 2021 through Zoom.

The theme of this year’s ABOUND is “Society: Socialize and Start Your Journey”. The theme was chosen with the hope that Accounting 2021 can treat ABOUND as a place to socialize and get acquainted further with other accounting students of their batch, as well as the starting point to start a new chapter of their journey in Prasetiya Mulya University with burning enthusiasm. Furthermore, through this event, not only the class of 2021 but all the batches at the S1 Accounting at Prasetiya Mulya University can get to know each other and help each other.

The event started with the opening remarks from the Chairwoman of ABOUND 2021, Jesslyn. It was followed by the Chairwoman of Accounting Student Association 2020/2021, Karin Latif, and not to forget the Head of the Accounting Study Program at Prasetiya Mulya University, Mrs. Yang Elvi Adelina. Then, there was a sharing session by Vincent Jonathan, an accounting student from batch 2017, where he shared about his experience as an accounting student major for four years. It didn’t stop there, the participants were then divided into several breakout rooms for the game session: “Undercover”. After the excitement of the game session, the winners were announced and given prizes that had been prepared by the committee. The series of events were closed with a group photo session.

ABOUND 2021 was filled with laughter, excitement, and togetherness. We hope that through this event, all accounting students of batch 2021 get a lot of new insights about life as an accounting student at Prasetiya Mulya University. Welcome and good luck Accounting 2021!

See you at ABOUND 2022!