ASA LEAGUE 2021 – ARMONIE: Achieve More in Unity

ASA League 2021 was an e-sports and arts event that consisted of 6 different competitions, including Valorant, PUBG Mobile, Mobile Legends, Singing, Modern Dance, and Photography. The event was held by the Accounting Student Association (ASA) of Prasetiya Mulya University to enhance university and high school students’ ability in non-academic activities. Participated by more than 450 contestants, ASA League 2021 was successfully held virtually on July 27-31th 2021. 

Pre Event: Prasmul Fun Games

Prasmul Fun Games is a mini-event that consists of Mobile Legends and Chess competition, held before ASA League 2021 started. With many Prasetiya Mulya University’s faculty members, staff, alumni, and postgraduate students competing with each other, Prasmul Fun Games successfully brought a lot of fun competitive energy to Prasetiya Mulya family during the pandemic. 

E-Sports Competition

The first round of Valorant, PUBG Mobile, and Mobile Legends was held on the first day of the event. It was then followed by the second elimination round and the quarter-finals on the very next day. The excitement kept growing on the semi-finals and final day, which was streamed live on ASA League 2021’s Youtube channel. Supported by many e-sports media partners, 6 skillful casters, and 90 teams of enthusiastic participants, the competition ran well.

Arts Competition

Unlike the previous years, ASA League 2021 brings out a new experience for university and high school students with passion and talent in arts. All participants were asked to submit their videos or photos before the event was started, which were scored by professional judges in each field, such as Daniel Marcell and Chenace in Modern Dance Competition, KBL PIK and Sanggar Stellina in Singing Competition, or Yoel Septianto and Reza Adhigraha in Photography Competition. The participants can also win supporters’ hearts and vote for them in the “Fan Favorite” competition. Winners of each competition were announced at the closing ceremony of ASA League 2021. 

The whole grand event was closed by an All-Star Valorant Match, attended by SonMV, Ffroody, and the match was cast by MORPH Toska and Albert Janssen Makmur. The crowd also gathered at the closing ceremony, which was enlivened by a sweet performance from Willy Anggawinata. 

We would like to express our deepest gratitude to every party involved for supporting and participating in ASA League 2021. We hope to see you again in ASA League 2022. Visit and follow @asaleague_pm on Instagram for the latest information and more documentation of the event!