ASA ELECTION 2021/2022

ASA Election is an annual event held to appoint the new President and Vice President of ASA for the next period. “Voice of The People: Choices Toward Changes”, the theme for this year’s election aims to encourage the candidates to make a difference as the President and Vice President of ASA.

For this year’s ASA Election, there are two candidates for the new President and Vice President of ASA 2021/2022. Candidate 1, Matthew Giovanni Raharja Sutanto (Accounting 2019) and Shannon Neda Wijaya (Accounting 2020) and Candidate 2, Angelina All Braith Lumban Toruan (Accounting 2019) and Evelyn Angelina Budiman (Accounting 2020).

The two candidates have a strong vision and mission, as well as various new breakthroughs that are expected to have a positive impact on the next period of ASA. This was voiced in one of the series of events in the Election 2021/2022, which was the live debate. The candidates faced off in a 90-minutes long live debate held on ASA’s Youtube Live Stream on Friday, June 18th, 2021. The debate was split into 3 sessions: the debate between the candidates, study case, and Q&A session. During the debate, both candidates must show the voting rights holders that their vision and mission are better for the next ASA.

Voting for the next President and Vice President of ASA was then held on Monday, June 21st, 2021 by accounting students batch 2018, 2019, and 2020. This year, voting was carried out through Google Form. The votes are then collected and calculated. As a result, candidate 2, Angelina All Braith Lumban Toruan and Evelyn Angelina Budiman are selected as President and Vice President for the Accounting Student Association 2021/2022.

Accounting Student Association 2020/2021 would like to congratulate the pair for being selected as the new President and Vice President of Accounting Student Association 2021/2022. We wish both of you continuous success in fulfilling the roles and performing responsible duties to make the Accounting Student Association a better organization in Prasetiya Mulya University.